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  1. 2021.05.06 [KubeCon 2021 EU] How to Break your Kubernetes Cluster with Networking

KubeCon 에서 다른 건 몰라도 이 내용은 꼭 들어야 한다.


Kubernetes Cluster 에서 Networking 관점에서 문제가 생길 수 있는 부분들을 설명했다.




Introduction to Cilium & Hubble — Cilium 1.9.6 documentation

Protect and secure APIs transparently Ability to secure modern application protocols such as REST/HTTP, gRPC and Kafka. Traditional firewalls operates at Layer 3 and 4. A protocol running on a particular port is either completely trusted or blocked entirel




Network Policy Editor for Kubernetes

editor.cilium.io makes it easy to build, visualize, and make sense of Network Policies, which can then be downloaded as YAML and run in any Kubernetes cluster with a Network Policy-aware CNI.


20210506_2120_How to Break your Kubernetes Cluster with Networking - Thomas Graf, Isovalent.pdf

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